Fabula Delfinii, balenele si scrumbia-in engleza

Daca v-a placut fabula- Delfinii, balenele si scrumbia- iata mai jos versiunea in limba engleza, a lui  George Fyler Townsend,  traducatorul ce uziteaza o engleza standard in Fabulele lui Esop.

The Dolphins, Whales and the Sprat 
The Dolphins and Whales waged a fierce war with each other.
When the battle was at its height, a Sprat lifted its head out of the waves and said that he would reconcile their differences if they would accept him as an umpire.
One of the Dolphins replied,
 "We would far rather be destroyed in our battle with each other than admit any interference from you in our affairs."

Delfinii,balenele si scrumbia de Esop

Diana Popescu

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