Fabula Greierele si furnica in engleza


Fabula Greierul si furnica de La Fontaine are
mai multe versiuni in limba engleza,dupa cum bine stiti. 
Aceasta este semnata de Michael Starr .



The Grasshopper and the Ant

  The Grasshopper having sung
All the summer long,
Found herself lacking food
When the North Wind began its song.
Not a single little piece
Of fly or grub did she have to eat.

  She went complaining of hunger
To the Ant's home, her neighbour,
Begging there for a loan
Of some grain to keep herself alive
Til the next season did arrive,
"I shall pay you," she said
"Before next August, on my word as an animal.
I'll pay both interest and pricipal."

  The Ant was not so inclined:
this not being one of her faults.
"What did you do all summer?
Said she to the grasshopper.

  "Night and day I sang,
I hope that does not displease you."

  "You sang? I will not look askance.
But now my neighbour it's time to dance."  


Greierele si furnica 


Diana Popescu

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