Fabula Leul indragostit- in engleza

Daca ai uitat morala fabulei Leul indragostit de Esop o poti citi mai jos in engleza.

The Lion in Love an Aesop Fable

A Lion once fell in love with a beautiful maiden and proposed marriage to her parents.
The old people did not know what to say.
 They did not like to give their daughter to the Lion, yet they did not wish to enrage the King of Beasts. At last the father said:

 "We feel highly honoured by your Majesty's proposal, but you see our daughter is a tender young thing, and we fear that in the vehemence of your affection you might possibly do her some injury. Might I venture to suggest that your Majesty should have your claws removed, and your teeth extracted, then we would gladly consider your proposal again."

The Lion was so much in love that he had his claws trimmed and his big teeth taken out.
But when he came again to the parents of the young girl they simply laughed in his face, and bade him do his worst.

 Moral of Aesop's Fable: Love can tame the wildest

Leul indragostit-Fabula de Esop

Diana Popescu

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