Magarul si batranul pastor de Esop- Fabula in limba engleza

The Old Man and The Ass
  An Old Man and his Ass were riding one day
And spied a lush meadow at the side of the way.
The man let go the reins and the grizzled* one raced
Out into the lea at a furious pace.
Gamboling, scratching, enjoying the green,
Rubbing his back and eating the spot clean.
Some robbers showed up while the field he cleared.
"Come, let us flee!" said the frightened graybeard.
"Why should I" responded the debauchee.
"Will you not make me carry a double load?"
"Not at all!" said the man as he fled down the road.
"What difference to me who uses the goad.
Save yourself. I'll graze.  You'll run faster.
A beasts enemy is always its master.
And this I say to you in a very Frank* manner.

Magarul si batranul pastor

Diana Popescu

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