Where is going the little lamb, in Easter?- via Pasarea Colibri

- Where are you going, little lamb?      
- To the grass, sir.

- And what will you doing (there)?
- I'll eat the grass, sir.

- Who knows the direction, little lamb?
 - Little shephard, sir.

- What are you hearing, little lamb?
  What is hearing, little lamb?
- Shephard's flute, sir.

- What are you hearing, little lamb?
- The scythe in the grass, sir.

- Are you crying of fear, little lamb?
- I'm not crying, sir,
   I haven't any tears, sir,
   But I've little horns, sir.

- You're not crying,
   you're not crying, little lamb?
- I'm not crying, sir.
   Shephards are crying
   And the dogs are barking, sir.

- Who is cutting you, little lamb?
- The butcher, sir.

- Who's eating you, little lamb?
- You, sir!

- Who is dying, little lamb?
- We, all little lambs, sir.
  And you, all masters, sir
  We, all, together, sir

 - But what/who is still alive, little lamb?
 - Only This Song, sir.

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Diana Popescu

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