Orasul verde|The Green Town- poezie in engleza

 The prettiest town I yet have seen,
 Is one where every house is green.
 The houses, some are large, some small,
 But those who please nay enter all.

 The streets are a trifle crooked look
 With ins and outs, and many nook,
 But what of that, I'd like to know
 Who cares in one straight line to go?

 The town is densely peopled through,
 All love it, and are happy, too,
 For right or left, wherever you roam,
 You hear each singing in his home.

 The inhabitants are very small,
 For birdies are they, one and all,
 And the green town, with verdure walled,
 Is usually a forest called.

Zana verde|The Green Fairy- poveste populara englezeasca
A Calendar- poezie in engleza

Diana Popescu

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