The Last Rose of Summer|Ultimul trandafir al verii de Thomas Moore- poezie in engleza

Rose de John Edwards
Daca vrei sa stii, Thomas Moore,  autorul poeziei The Last Rose of Summer|Ultimul trandafir al verii este poetul national al Irlandei,  asa cum Robert Burns este poetul national al Scotiei si Mihai Eminescu poetul national al Romaniei.

Poezia scrisa de domnia sa este una din cele mai iubite si cunoscute din lirica irlandeza.

Lectura placuta!

'Tis the last rose of summer
 Left blooming alone;
 All her lovely companions
 Are faded and gone;
 No flower of her kindred, 
 No rose-bud is nigh,
 To reflect back her blushes,
 Or give sigh for sigh.

 I'll not leave thee, thou lone one!
 To pine on the stem;
 Since the lovely are sleeping,
 Go, sleep thou with them.
 Thus kindly I scatter
  Thy leaves o'er the bed
  Where thy mates of the garden
   Lie scentless and dead.

  So soon may I follow,
  When friendships decay,
  And from Love's shining circle
  The gems drop away.
  When true hearts lie withered,
   And fond ones are flown,
   O! who would inhabit

   This bleak world alone?

Diana Popescu

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