Christmas Alphabet Poem|Alfabetul Craciunului

Fiindca m-ai rugat frumos, am gasit pentru tine Christmas Alphabet Poem|Alfabetul Craciunului, o poezie in limba engleza, frumoasa, despre Craciun, cu aproape toate elementele specifice acestei sarbatori minunate a crestinismului, precum ingerii, pruncul Iisus, ornamentele si bradutul de Craciun, Mos Craciun, urarile, sarbatoarea sfanta, clopoteii, jucariile, vascul, s.a.m.d.

Lectura placuta!

A is for Angels with halos so bright,
Alfabetul Craciunului pentru copii
whose carols were heard on the first Christmas night.

B is for Baby, the Christ child so dear.
We celebrate His birthday with Christmas each year.

C is for candles that so brightly shine.
To give a warm welcome to your friends and mine.

D is for Dollies, Drums and such toys,
which Santa leaves for good girls and boys.

E is for Evergreen garlands galore,
we hang at our windows, fireplace and door.

F is for Firewood that lay,
to spark up warm and cozy on a cold Christmas day.

G is for Greetings, a merry Hello,
with a heart full of love for people we know.

H is for Holly with berries so red,
to make into wreathes that hang overhead.

I is for Ice and snow covered hills.
Where sledding is fun along with some spills.

J is for Jingle Bells merrily ringing,
to the whole world, joy they are bringing.

K is for Kris Kringle as merrily he stands,
that's what they call Santa in some other lands.

L is for Lanterns. I'm sure they will light.
Helped Mary and Joseph on that first Christmas night.

M is for Mistletoe. Hang it up high.
You may get a kiss as someone walks by.

N is for Noel. The Angels did sing,
to herald the birth of Jesus our King.

O is for Ornaments we hang on the tree,
to sparkle and shine so Santa can see

P is for Presents, packages, and bags.
All round the tree wrapped in bright paper and tags.

Q is for Quiet Christmas Eve night,
with dreams of presents and sugarplums in sight.

R is for Rudolf with the red nose.
The favorite Reindeer that Santa Claus chose.

S is for Shepherds who first saw the star,
over Bethlehem's manger and followed it far.

T is for Trees, decorated all silver and shiny,
with white lights all twinkling and tiny.

U is for Universe, the whole wide world.
And Christmas brings joy to each boy and girl.

V is for Visions of Santa so jolly,
bringing trains, planes and a brand new dolly.

W is for Wise men who brought gifts so rare,
and fell down to worshipped the Christ child there.

X is for extra time and money given too,
volunteers as they work to help dreams come true

Y is for the Yule Logs whose bright sparks fly high,
and give a warm welcome to friends passing by.

Z is for zillions of presents and toys,
but only for good little girls and boys.

Spiridusul Craciunului
Scrisoarea lui Mos Craciun
Cum a facut Mos Craciun prima jucarie?

Diana Popescu

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